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Trade Renko with the SuperTrend algo for cTrader

Renko SuperTrend Reference

Trade both Renko and traditional Japanese Candlestick charts with this sophisticated trading algo. Swing trade, pullback trading, support and resistance. This algo provides granular control, and lets you decide exactly when and how to enter and exit your trades! Learn more about the Renko SuperTrend Reference algo here

ForeCove Trader’s Pack

Trade the trend, swings and pullbacks with the Stochastic Trend Trader. Scalp and trade the news with the Renko Trend and Scalp algo. Master overbought and oversold areas with our RSI Swing Bot Pro.

Great beginning for investors new to Forex; a must for experienced traders wanting to diversify! Take me there!

ForexCove Traders Pack

Adaptive Grid Blazer

Possibly the world’s most advanced Grid Trading algo developed for investing in the Forex Market. The Forex Robot adapts to market volatility in real-time, and keeps you on the right side of potential trends. Add to this dynamic hedging and advanced Risk Mangement, you have a winner on your hands! Have a look at the Adaptive Grid Blazer

MA Cycle Trader

A flexible robot that works well in both trending and non-trending markets. Relying on a moving average and price action, this robot anticipates most likely direction of price. It also features an optional Martingale function with multiplication parameter for increased flexibility. Manage risk with stop loss, enable equity control and much more. Let’s see it in action?

Range Cruiser

A powerful Martingale inspired robot that hedges positions at any given time. Ideal for range-bound markets, and/or markets with clearly identifiable support and resistance levels. Set individual stop loss and take profit levels, not only for long and short trades, but also for the individual trade in the Martingale sequence. Ready to go for a cruise?

Trend Glider+

A great starting point for investors wanting a bot that works trend, price action, and with an optional Martingale function. This robot trades the trend, but features an optional modified Martingale strategy, in which positions are openend according to a moving average, and the RSI. Risk management included.  A very powerful Forex robot. (See it in action)

Breakout Catcher

Activate the robot around major news releases, and let its agility work wonders. Designed to always stay on the side of the breakout direction, this bot is best used at those critital times, such as the monthly NonFarm Payroll report. Configure the Breakout Catcher with an ultra-fast exponential moving average, and face whiplashes without fear. (See how)

Chandelier Firestorm

This robot has over time proven to be one of our most profitable offerings. Inspired by Australian investor Daryl Guppy, and Indian celebrity trader Rahul Mohindar, this Forex robot opens multiple trades in the direction of the trend, backed up by the RMO. Add to this our modified Chandelier Indicator, and you have a lot of power at your fingertips. (Fire in the hull)

Wave Rider

The trend is your friend, and to be in it, you need a reliable Forex robot to keep you there. The Wave Rider algo has been created around the Rahul Mohindar Oscilator, and enables you to configure four different lenses for increased or decreased sensitivity. Set take profit and stop loss levels, or let a trailing stop loss lock in your profits. (See how it works)

The Lawn Mower

Turn traditional principles upside down, and you get The Lawn Mower. Inspired by the wavy nature of markets, this Forex robot hedges positions, and holds trades for extended periods of time. It’s principle is that most positions has the potential to be a winning trade eventually. It features one of the highest profitability rates anywhere. (Hedge your way to glory)

Swing Time

A famous investor once said that the only indicator of interest to him was the Relative Strenght Index (RSI). Buy the asset when cheap, sell when expensive. The Swing Time RSI robot enables you to take profit in pips, as a function of current RSI level, using Parabolic SAR Trailing or ATR trailing. It also features a move to breakeven function.

Grid Blazer

Trading Forex with a grid system featuring drawdown protection is exciting and can be extremely profitable. Without protection, it’s madness. We stick to “exciting”, and offer you a simple-to-use, yet powerful grid trading bot. Enable sell, buy or both, adjust pip step, take profit level, maximum drawdown and spread, and start trading today. (Let’s go blazing?)

Swiss Army Knife

Our most complex enterprise to date. This Forex robot is the complete tool for most traders. Trade trends, and use up to four separate timeframes for validation. It also includes the directional movement system. Enable multiple trade functionality, and Margingale parameters if you so desire. It does most things, and it does them well. (Give me the knife)

MultiTime Martin

A more sophisticated take on Martingale, this algo is a Trend spotting bot, with an extra timeframe for confirmation, and an additional Martingale functionality that can be enabled if you wish to. MultiTime Martin includes two moving averages, ADX, volatility and candle filter for increased accuracy. Stay on the right side of the trend in style. (Show me how it works)

"We spend a great deal of time seeking both innovative and alternative approaches to investing, providing automated investment strategies for different trader profiles"

– N.K. Nielsen

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