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Browse our curated collection of both traditional, but also more sophisticated and unique Forex indicators for cTrader.

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cTrader comes with almost all of the indicators you could possibly want. Still, interesting twists, and unique approaches to Forex indicators can yield surprising results. On this page we have provided indicators not included in the standard cTrader Software, but that we deem to be both interesting and powerful.

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Acceleration Oscilator

The Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator measures whether the market driving force is increasing or decreasing. It gives you an early warning of changes in price direction.

Acceleration Bands

Price Headley’s Acceleration Bands serve as a trading envelope that factor in a stock’s or Forex currecy pair’s typical volatility over standard settings of 20 or 80 bars

Account Stats Indicator

Get a birds-eye view of relevant trading information within your trading window. See the number of pips to take profit and stop loss, account equity, drawdown and more.

Adaptive Laguerre

Trend Indicator that has good response time and very smooth movement. Excellent for scalping on the faster timeframes.

Average Daily Range

This indicator shows directly on your chart the average daily range just as a number (+ current range of today, adr + 50%, adr + 100%).

Bear Power

Bear power subtracts an exponential moving average from the corresponding low price of that trading day. Useful indicator for many traders

Break Out Candles

Only break out candles have Green and Red color.  The other candles are by default LightGray for both up and down, but you can give them separate colors if you want.

Candlestick Patterns

This indicator shows the candlestick patterns (Doji, Hammer, Bullish Harami, Bearish Harami, Dark Cloud Cover, Piercing Pattern, Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Shooting Star)

Scalpers Buddy

The cTrader Scalpers Buddy will inform the trader with a message and sound when high volatility occurs, it will also display the current spread and total depth of market volume.

Demark Pivot Points

Demark Pivot Points start with a different base and use different formulas for support and resistance. These Pivot Points are conditional on the relationship between the close and the open.

Donchian Channels

Donchian Channels is a volatility indicator used by many traders. It is based on the calculation of the current price range with the help of the recent highest and lowest prices.

Elliot Wave Oscilator

The basic idea of the Elliot Wave is that there is a wave pattern that repeats itself. Once the current wave is identified a trader can assume the direction of the trend

Fibo Pivot Points

Explore potential pivot points based on Fibonacci levels. Set different options among, which the Fibonacci levels are to be displayed and whether it is for only one day or all days.

Donchian Channels

Donchian Channels is a volatility indicator based on the calculation of the current price range with the help of the recent highest and lowest prices. 

Fibonacci Bands

A True Range value is computed and multiples of the Fibonacci Expansion ratios of this range are added to the moving average to create the Fibonacci Bands.

Fractals Auto Trend Line

Fractals can be a great way to detect change. This is a well-known trend line breakout strategy using fractals. It identifies trend lines automatically. Very powerful and easy to use.

Guppy Multiple Moving Average

An indicator used in technical analysis to identify changing trends. The technique consists of combining two groups of moving averages with differing time periods. 

Heiken Ashi

The Heikin-Ashi technique is extremely useful for making candlestick charts more readable–trends can be located more easily, and buying opportunities can be spotted at a glance.

Heikin-Ashi Smoothed

The Heikin-Ashi is used by many traders to quickly detect a potential change in the overall trend. Heikin-Ashi with smoothing filter removes some noise. If you don’t need smoothing, set Periods = 1 and MA Type = Simple.

Hull MA

The Hull Moving Average (HMA), developed by Alan Hull, is an extremely fast and smooth moving average. In fact, the HMA almost eliminates lag altogether and manages to improve smoothing at the same time.

Ichimoku Cloud

The Ichimoku Cloud, also known as Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, is a versatile indicator that defines support and resistance, identifies trend direction, gauges momentum and provides trading signals.

Linear Regression Channel

This indicator draws channel using linear regression of close prices. Can optionally display center of channel (mean), edges (maximum deviation) and standard deviation. Color and line thickness are also customizable.

Median Renko Ultimate

The indicator should be attached to 1-minute charts for best historical candle accuracy. It is displayed as an overlay on the main chart so, you may want to change the chart properties to “line chart” and the “Bear Outline” color.

Moving Average Color Candles

Light and dark green candles above the selected moving average, and light and dark red candles below.   Candles are adjustable in size for both the body and the wick of the candles.  Moving average type and period is also adjustable. 


A combination of Exponential Moving Average and Relative Strength Index. Go Long when QQE is rising, exit and sell when QQE is falling and vice versa.


A Set of exponential moving averages of different periods. Each period bracket has a different color. Used to determine the trend.


This simple but useful trend indicator shows an up trend when current close price is higher than main trend line in uptrend, and vice-versa.

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