Swing Time Forex Robot

Buy on the lows, sell on the highs. A complete RSI Swing Trader Algo.

Swing trading makes a lot of sense

If you belive that excessive selling of an asset often leads to an increase in price and vice-versa, this algo is probably for you.

Warren Buffet once said that the secret to his billions was that he simply bought everything cheap, and sold it expensive.

In many ways, this also holds true for trading forex. Although you cannot blindly open trades only in function of the RSI indicator, frequently what happens is that prices tend to retrace when RSI is higher than 70, and increase when RSI is lower than 30. This bot takes its starting point here.

Each instance of this bot is either a buy or a sell proposition. Typically, you will add at least two instances to a currency pair, one doing sells and one doing buy trades. Define your desired RSI trigger levels, then decide when to close the position.

Set specific take profit and stop loss levels, or let the RSI value itself serve as the trigger for closing the position.

We have also included both Parabolic SAR and ATR trailing for maximum flexibility. We top it off with a breakeven feature, so if you want to scalp in the extreme lows or highs of the RSI, this is a nifty feature to have.

Learn more about the algo below, and discover if swing is your thing!

RSI Swing Time Features

A breakdown of the strategies employed, the reasoning behind trades, and the selection of indicators being used by the algorithm.

Design & Operation

In this section you can learn more about the gist of the robot, our general design decisions, along with modes of operation.

Trading Logic

When the RSI indicator enters overbought and oversold areas, we wait for the first candle close that confirms reversal, then we enter. Take profit via trailing, fixed amount or RSI level. 

Modes of Operation

Automatic and semi-automatic
Single and multi-timeframe
Fixed take profit
Fixed stop loss
Stop loss trailing
Move to breakeven

Risk Management

Stop Loss
Trailing stop loss
Move to breakeven


cTrader for Windows up to version 3.3

Indicators used

Our Forex robots use a number of different indicators. Here you will discover which indicators have been utilized with this one.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)
RSI High
Parabolic SAAR Trailing
SAR minAf
SAR maxAf
Average True Range Trailing
Atr Periods
xAtr Pips

General Recommendations

All bots should be optimized and backtested on a regular basis. Still, here we provide you with our current tips and advice for optimal results.

Ideal Market Conditions

This bot fares best in range-bound / non-trending markets.

Currency Pairs

Any currency pair can be used, as long as they move sideways more than they trend.

There are no specific recommendations for timeframes. We have achieved excellent results with all popular timeframes such as:


Threats and Opportunities


Prolonged transitions from range-bound to trending markets should be watched carefully. When trending up, only the buy instance on the bot should be active, vice-versa.


In clearly range-bound markets, this bot can be incredibly profitable.

What makes our candles tick

We love what we do, and want you to have the best possible experience in the wonderful world of Forex trading. That’s why we do the following:

We value your money

We take utmost pride in valuing, firstly, the capital you intend to invest, secondly, the money spent with us!

Battle-tested Forex Robots

All our Forex algos have seen real-life action i.e. have been tested on live accounts.


Attention to detail

Our customers are center stage, at all times. We frequently do follow-up talks for feedback and support.


cTrader robots are delivered instantly. Selected MT4 Robots are Build to Order with a 7-day delivery time.

Serious Backtesting

We only backtest with tick data. This means our backtests are truly representative of potential results.

Money-back Guarantee

We offer an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee provided you send us an explanation why.

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