Adaptive Grid Blazer for MT5

Profitable Forex Grid Trading for MT5 is here, with perhaps the world’s most advanced Grid Trading algorithm. Adaptation in real-time to market conditions, volatility and potential trends.

Profitable Forex Grid Trading for MT5 with adaptive analysis performed in real-time

Profitable Forex Grid Trading for MT5 is finally here. The Adaptive Grid Blazer – our most advanced Grid Trading Algo for trading the Forex markets on the MT5 platform. Take advantage of its predictive engine, that allows this Forex robot to analyze markets and find the ideal grid size in real-time.

Looking for the version for cTrader or MT4, click here.

See the EA trade on MT5

In the video to the left, you can see the Adaptive Grid Blazer for MT5 trade for a period of 1 month. Notice that the distance between each trade in the grid adapts to overall market volatility. This means that you are less vulnerable in highly volatile markets and during news releases. 

Optimal Grid Size in realtime

The main challenge when trading with Grid Systems, is that your selected grid size for a specific asset, may suddenly be sub-optimal due to a range of factors. The Adaptive Grid Blazer for MT5 constantly analyzes market conditions, increasing profits, while lowering overall risks. Have a look at the video to the right, to see how it deals with sudden volatility.

Dealing with trending markets

Forex Grid Trading systems face problems when markets are trending. We found the solution that can be effectively applied in most cases. Price is monitored in relation to a moving average, so when there is a high probability of trend in play, the algo will grid, but only in direction of likely trend. Observe in the video to the left, how the Adaptive Grid Blazer for MT5 transitions from one trend to the next.

I was invited to the beta-testing program for the Adaptive Grid Blazer. I was completely blown away by its performance and versatility. What impressed me the most is its adaptive engine!

Simon Feldmann

Engineer, private Forex Investor

Whiplash and Breaking News

Only this Adaptive Grid Trading System for MT5 is able to effectively deal with high volatility. Because our system does not depend on a fixed grid size, trades are placed only after big market moves have taken place. This means that you will barely be vulnerable in quick market turn-arounds, whiplashes or during breaking news. Click on the video to the right to see this in person.

A great advancement for private Forex Traders! I was called in as an advisor on the project, focusing on developing the Adaptive Engine. Very happý with the end result. This algo is a winner!

Susan Williams

cTrader specialist, coding

Everybody knows how trading against the trend can be dangerous. The Adaptive Grid Blazer offers quick exits, after which it quickly picks up trading on the right side of the trend. It’s a game changer!

Diego Alves

Software developer

Grid System Risk Management for MT5

  • Set Maximum Allowed Drawdown
  • Define Maximum Number of Losing Trades
  • Set the Pip Range Lookback
  • Define the Multiplication Factor
  • Set Maximum and Minimum Adaptive Pip Steps
  • Granular control via Cumulative Take Profit Rules

Sample Trading Results

Examples of how it performs. Tested with the use of tick data, and commission set to USD90 per million traded.

Grid Blazer Features

A breakdown of the strategies employed, the reasoning behind trades, and the selection of indicators being used by the algorithm.

Design & Operation

In this section you can learn more about the gist of the robot, our general design decisions, along with modes of operation.

Trading Logic

The Adaptive Grid Blazer opens positions in a grid pattern based on market volatility and most likely direction of trend. When cumulative TP is enabled, you can dictate that as soon as you a x-dollars in profit, all positions close, after which algo restarts. 

Modes of Operation

Automatic and semi-automatic.

Risk Management
  • Maximum Drawdown feature. 
  • Maximum number of losing trades
  • Adaptive Pip Step
  • Multiplication Factor

MetaTrader 5.

Indicators used

Our Forex robots use a number of different indicators. Here you will discover which indicators have been utilized with this one.

Candle Open/Close

Positions are opened on the basis on last candle close, and most like direction of trend. 

Grid Size

Dynamically allocated Grid Size for incredible performance in turbulant market conditions.

Moving Average

Used to determine in which direction the Grid will be made.

General Recommendations

All bots should be optimized and backtested on a regular basis. Still, here we provide you with our current tips and advice for optimal results.

Ideal Market Conditions

This bot fares well in diverse markets, but works best in sideways-moving markets, taking advantage of the wavy nature of price development, and the constant urge to retrace. However, we have built in adaptive technology + trend detection. Any market can be traded.

Currency Pairs

Any currency pair can be used. The more range-bound, the better.


There are no specific recommendations for timeframes. We have achieved excellent results with all popular timeframes such as:


Threats and Opportunities


If prices fail to resolve on the side of MA, retracement may take a while.


In clearly range-bound market scenarios, huge profits can be made as the grid system does not rely on direction. But even in treding markets, the Adaptive Grid Blazer fares very well, especially with the Cumulative TP enabled.

What makes our candles tick

We love what we do, and want you to have the best possible experience in the wonderful world of Forex trading. That’s why we do the following:

We value your money

We take utmost pride in valuing, firstly, the capital you intend to invest, secondly, the money spent with us!

Battle-tested Forex Robots

All our Forex algos have seen real-life action i.e. have been tested on live accounts.


Attention to detail

Our customers are center stage, at all times. We frequently do follow-up talks for feedback and support.


cTrader robots are delivered instantly. Selected MT4 Robots are Build to Order with a 7-day delivery time.

Serious Backtesting

We only backtest with tick data. This means our backtests are truly representative of potential results.

Money-back Guarantee

We offer an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee provided you send us an explanation why.

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